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Frequently Asked Questions


How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Please drink extra 2 glasses of water the day before. On the day of your treatment, continue to drink water, however stop drinking about 1 hour before your treatment so that your bladder wont be uncomfortably full on the table. I will provide you with fresh water after your treatment to assist the body to flush residue that was released from tense muscles.

I haven't shaved my legs, should I shave before I come?

Please don't shave on the day of your massage. The friction from massage can cause irritation to your skin. I am focused on the muscles and I don't notice your body hair. Rest in the knowledge that my clients who identify as male rarely shave for me.

What should I expect from my first session?

Firstly, I will greet you with a smile. We'll address client intake paperwork and discuss medical history. I will show you to our treatment room and allow you some time to remove clothing and get comfortable on the massage table. You can choose to leave your bra on or remove it, though underwear must be worn at all times. I will use a mild pressure on your first session, and we'll allow time before your second session to discuss if pressure should be adjusted.

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