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How to get the most out of Massage Treatment

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Increase Water Consumption Before and After Your Treatment

I recommend that you consume an extra 2 glasses of water, the day before your massage. On the day of your treatment, continue to drink water, however stop drinking about 1 hour before your treatment so that your bladder wont be uncomfortably full on the table. Tense muscles cause inflammation and toxin build up that can prevent vital nutrients and oxygen from reaching the muscle fibres, causing discomfort and tension. As your therapist loosens your muscles, the accumulated toxins begin to break up and discharge. While a massage promotes effective blood and oxygen circulation, it also has a drying effect. It is advised to stay hydrated before and after a massage because the water aids in flushing out the toxins. If you don't enjoy drinking water, consider fruit infusion or herbal tea. Check the packet for information, as some teas contain caffeine.

It is Important to Communicate

Communication is key to making the most of the time and investment in massage. The goal of your massage is to increase overall positive feelings and your massage is all about you. Before treatment, advise your therapist of your goal for that day. Are you seeking relaxation or do you have a particular trouble spot to focus on. Your therapist will adjust your treatment to your needs. Additionally, please let your therapist know if you don't enjoy the music playing or if the volume is too loud or too low. In fact, at Elevated Massage | ( you're welcome to select your own playlist for the session, just let your therapist know this before your appointment. All of the above contributes to your experience, and after all, it's your time!

Schedule an Appointment in a Convenient Time

Relaxation massage, is not only a physical treatment, it's mind and body combined. No matter the duration of your treatment, it's beneficial to plan the appointment so you have ample time to relax before the massage, because the intention is to be as relaxed as possible while receiving the massage. After engaging in a stressful activity, relaxation can take time. So it's best to avoid going straight to your massage after a long day at work, a stressful drive, or another demanding activity. Whenever possible, schedule the massage for a day when you don't have many other commitments so that your body and mind are at ease. Additionally, it's a good idea to refrain from strenuous activities after the session to allow the massage's advantages to take full effect. At Elevated Massage, you're encouraged to stay for a cup of tea and a chat after treatment.

Wearing Comfortable Clothing When possible, wear comfortable clothing to your treatment, this will be the starting point of your relaxation process. You will dress down to underwear for the massage, and be draped in a towel. The therapist will tuck the towel into you underwear, both to protect your underwear from oil stains and to create a line defining the defining the limit of skin to skin touch. Also consider that it is likely there will be massage oil residue on your skin, so lightweight natural fibre is recommended.

Include Massage as Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Having regular massage as a part of your lifestyle is one of the best decisions that you'll make, there are many physical, mental and emotional benefits from routine massage treatment. Physically massage improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems, reduces muscle tension and improves joint mobility. Massage increases the bodies positive hormones endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine which lowers stress, anxiety and irritability and increase happiness. The advice provided by massage therapists can help you create a successful health and wellness plan that meets your unique objectives. Book with us by simply visiting our website Book Online | Elevated Massage ( .

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