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Recommended Stretches to Reduce Back Pain

When my pelvic physiotherapist, Carolyn Berry at Adelaide Pelvic Physiotherapy started me on these stretches it changed my relationship with back pain forever! In only 8 weeks of daily stretching I no longer suffered from back pain that I had felt for over 10 years. I was then able to begin strengthening exercises. Because of my success with this simple stretching routine I've provided a link here to download a PDF with all 14 stretches published by Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia.

If you have chronic or long lasting (more than two weeks) pain please consult with a GP or Physiotherapist. With all stretching you should feel a gentle stretch, not an increase in pain. If pain increases gently release out of the stretch.

If I had to select only 5 stretches to recommend to my clients, I'd choose;

  • Cat / Cow

  • Childs Pose (try this one with feet apart to increase hip stretch)

  • Knee to Chest

  • Figure Four

  • Resting Pose

Stretching is one part of a multi faceted approach to wellness.

Follow Adelaide Pelvic Physio on Facebook or view their website for more information.

Download the full list of Pelvic Stretches from the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia here.

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